Winter Wonderland Wonderful day!

It's not all work! A couple of weeks ago a went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park TWICE!

Me & Gabriel enroute to the Wonderland went via some of our favourite shops! Hamleys....
Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

China Town....
Bum mini sorry I mean Bun mini

M&M World....
Xmas pressy for Gabriel?!

So Entering Winter Wonderland imagine my excitement to tread on.....

It's not a trip to WW without a German Sausage!

oooopsie! LOL #Gutted

I would like to win this please as we have matching coats!

Trip 2 with the girls! Ceri,Jay and Sister Knox-Katie.....
Me and the Sister Knox aka Katie snapping up some Xmas pressies!

On the ride by myself....I didn't just wasn't very busy.


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