Pelayo Diaz for Sheer

I styled my sexy mate and super fashionista Pelayo Diaz for Sheer Magazine.
Here are some behind the scenes snaps....

Tracksuit Adidas.

Fury hood by Katie Eary.

T shirt Christoper Shanon.

Jewelery by Mawi

And the finished product in the new Sheer Mag which I'm kindly credited as a contributing Fashion Editor....


Talking about more pics from the iphone vaults!!!
Vogues night out

Cheap Monday Party

So i've finally ditched 'Simone the iphone' with her vibrate that sounds like a fart, smashed up face and deafness... well permantly attached Britney Spears style headset...a must for actually making calls...
And much to the joy of Jay who is my right hand woman, I have the Iphone 4s, we are bonding, shes not named yet but has a delightful pink bejewelled case. ANYWAY so the point is i discovered loads of old photos hiding away in Simone...
here's the Cheap Monday Party me and the crew rocked up to recently (ish)....

Russel Random Bangle , accessories designer extraordinaire, me , and Katie Knox, my sister extraordinaire....

Russel enjoyed the complimentary appetizers....

Kisses good bye!


Some behind the scenes shots of the SS12 lookbook shoot i styled for Phannatiq

I love all the textured print detailing and its apocolyptic warrior feel, 
whilst remaining feminine and sexy.

I got handy with some leather thong (! - not just at the weekends OIOI)

LOVING this hoody to the max.FEROSCH.

Sergei Grinko for Milan Fashion Week

I was so excited to be invited to style Sergei Grinko's Milan Fashion Week Show!
I have always been a fan of Sergei's work and really enjoyed styling his jewelery campaign a few seasons ago, so jumped at the chance to work with the great man again!
Sunday morning I took an early flight from T5 which meant Starbucks a-go-go, and before I knew it I was in sunny warm Milan!

Straight to the showroom we started putting pieces of the collection together on the fitting model, making some really exciting looks,Sergei's collection took inspiration from the sea,creating gorgeous silk prints of sea creatures. 
We translated that into creating Sergei's women into strong sensual women of the sea using pieces of his jewelry line to create serpent-esq spines and shoulder structures.
The show also saw a lighter side of girls that would promenade along the seaside,incorporating giants bows on the head and cute pink pastel details in the belts,gloves and Jewelry.

After a long day of putting the looks together we rewarded ourselves by hitting up the Grazia party! An awesome event to celebrate fashion week and of course how much we all love Grazia!

Heart shaped cupcakes and pink drinks helped recharge our batteries for our model fitting day. A day at the venue fitting each model perfectly into her outfit.
Show day came and with everything all prepped and ready to go it was a dream. The models lined up,a vision of candy pinks,aquas and sea deep blues.

The show opened with a dark,slightly disturbing video to keep the audience on the edge of the show as the show burst open with the models strutting down the catwalk fast paced with plenty of attitude!

 I love the aqua ponytails Sergei had made to match the fabric!

One happy looking designer :)

And one happy looking Stylist :D
After show beverages and a much needed sarnie

My Converse bag colaboration

YAYA, I collaborated with Converse to celebrate their Back 2 School range of bags by creating
'Connie the Converse'
This is how Connie started out before her make-over....
.... And with a little bit of Alexis Luvin

The Connie is born

 Snaps Connie
And a little Q&A
Describe your school style?
Accesorise to the max! I went to a Convent school where the uniform was pretty strict…. a kilt! So it was all about customising to the max with plastic bangles, kids accessories and gweebo bunches!
What was your most coveted item?
I really miss my Shellys 6inch real chunky black platform school shoes!
What band was inspiring your style?
UM SPICE GIRLS OBVS! Every one wanted me to be Baby Spice and all I wanted to do was rock the Scary Spice leopard and camo combos!
What inspired your bag?
Cartoons!  The bag is called Connie, Connie the Converse Duffle!


My fave looks from the SS12 Kokon to Zai London Fashion Week at Somerset House show I styled....

LFW-Kokon to Zai Casting

So last London Fashion Week I styled the Kokon to Zai show at Somerset House.... Here's a little gander at a casting day at The Red Bull Space!


The awesom Moses doing his thing!
And me new pal...


DJing at OMFG!

Off I pop to DJ at Munroe XXXXX birthday party at OMFG!

Coat Agent Provocateur.
"Can I get a reeeeewiiiiiiiiiiiind" !

Me and the crew and the birthday babe Munroe!

Jodie and me having a goss.


Pr guru Nik Thakar!

And my favourite Dj/Producer Kris Di Angelis.