CLOTHES SHOW LIVE 2010 ''A Night Out At The Movies''

 The Clothes Show Live held at the NEC Birmingham is a huuuge fashion and shoping event... 
over 200,000 people came to watch the main stage theatre show 
I stlyed over the 6 days we ran the show for, 
up to 7 times a day some days!
  Lasting 50 minutes with 8 scenes and over 280 outfits, it was quite a spectacle!
For those of you who couldnt make it here are some of my favourite moments from the show!
 The show was called 'A Night Out at teh Movies' and featured 8 scenes all based around famous movies and movie genres! We opened the show with an action scene inspired by Mission Impossible!
 Then a little 007 action!
 We then headed over the the wild,wild west! As you can see the stage was massive and the show was a lot more than just a fashion show, it was a real theatrical performance featuring 18 models and 16 dancers.
 After Wild West it was our fairy tale scene!
 Then Rocky and gangsters!
  We then went to the High School Musicals

 Then HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Then Sci fi (my favourite)

 Then a wrap party inspired by the film 'Nine'
with a little bit of Gok thrown in!

My Daily Star Interview

Well always one to be up for the chats, The Daily Star did a phone interview with me on my opinion on boobs in fashion................. thats all really.x.

The last show!

Ooooo check these gourmet pics from the main stage catwalk show I styled for Clothes Show Live this week!

They were takenwhen things went to plan...
Traditionally Clothes Show Stylee the last show at the event is always a little bit 'special' ... the dancers tend to take the show into their own hands....

Brett entered as a cheerleader! ....
Terry sported lycra as a round card girl...

The cowboys went bareback....

And BB lost his trousers completely!!!

They loved it,I loved it, but most importantly 6,500 screaming girls loved it the most! Xx

Thank you to Goerge Lamb and Caryn Franklin for being major presenters xx

Day 9/Last Day Clothes Show Live

It's the last day of shows today! So that means packing up time! The team have been busy starting the sorting of the clothes that didn't make it onto the catwalk but will spend the next week packing and returning everything!

It looks like chaos but it's actually all
in an intricate system!
A big thank you to Sue and all the 'Girls Backstage Team' who provided an amazing backstage wardrobe management team....they are the best!

Gavin Brown the main man gave a lovely champagne speech and thanks to everyone!

There were lots of congratulations kisses....

And awards presented to the King and Queen model and dancer of the show, Martha and Gareth seen below!

I think Martha was in the Loo.....xXx

Day8 Clothes Show Live

Well hello Tuesday!!!! Today is the morning after the night before!
Last night the Clothes Show crew hit up Gatecrasher for a special VIP party to let off some steam.... And who was behind the decks?! But me old mate Jodie Harsh of course!

Emphasise on the 'night' club!?!
I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce some of the backstage team who make our days go with a smile!
Introducing Justina - Back stage security....

Our lovely dinner ladies....

Our warm up act...tipped to be the new Kylie and Jason....

And Ian aka James Bond,our front of house security....

A cool dude.

Year Zero @ CSL

Remember me popping into Year Zero to pick out some bits for the show? Well here's models Anthony Kaye and Jo rocking the looks!

And here's what the back pockets look like.... ;)

The Only Way Is Essex

Now your really Jel!!!!! Me and the gorgeous Harry from The Only Way Is Essex....

He's wearing a lovely Bolongaro Trevor
jacket and I'm wearing aDress by Motel.... And who's this we have.....

Sam!!!! From TOWIE! Wearing a dress by Motel.... I think I recognise

Day7 Clothes Show

Today I got unleashed with a microphone in my hand and on stage!

First off Gavin Brown and myself chose the winner for Young Designer of the Year in association with OK! Magazine....A big congratulations to Shivani Chavda ....

Then later in the afternoon myself and Gavin awarded the winner of the Young Handbag Designer of the Year Award on the Company Magazine.... A big congratulations to Cara Louise Kingsley

Jeff Brazier found it funny.....