"As Style Mentor on T4′s ‘Style the Nation’ alongside Giles Deacon and Nick Grimshaw, Alexis Knox knows a thing or two about personal style.  Not only is she the Fashion Director at Notion magazine and host of the surrealist club night ‘Circus’ with the infamous Jodie Harsh, but now the fashion fabulous Ms Knox has teamed up with Schuh for the launch of Converse’s first ever Bags & Accessories collection.

One fashion savvy girl or guy can win a day of one-on-one fashion tips and personal styling with Alexis at London’s Oxford Circus.  Meeting at Schuh’s Oxford Street Store the trend hungry winner will select the Converse Accessories of their choice before going for lunch and an afternoon’s styling and fashion advice, where Alexis will pass on her finest trade secrets and ideas on how to wear your new accessories.
The prize includes a Converse Bags & Accessories shopping spree at Schuh’s flagship store on Oxford Street, followed by lunch and an afternoon of Styling tips with Alexis and spending money!  Entry is free via Schuh’s Competitions page, here Schuh.co.uk/competitions and you can follow the very gorgeous Alexis and her adventures on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/alexisknox"


Firetrap behind the scenes

It was time again to shoot the next campaign for Firetrap! This time we jetted off to Wales to use this mental location-a coal dust pit!

It was stunning and looked like we were on the moon! Due to the tropical winds we took shelter allot in our trailer....I kept imagining it was the Spice Bus...

Our lovely models included the beautiful Jade aka Sunday Girl.....


Post sand storm, I'm kinda a charcoal grey.... Literally. 
Ps i totally shrunk this jumper by washing it on too higher temperature when I returned home. I now own a new wooly crop top.

Jade getting some slap on

Yaya Jade made up ready to go and the invisible man....


Derrick Santini ,photographer extraodinaire.

Yeah at Firetrap we walk on water.

And after a hard days work the only answer is 3 puddings.

Take that

Yay I went to see Take That at Wembley in a posho box thanks to Umbro. This feels like ages ago nw so sorry for the delay!

Even though I was Obsessed when I was 10 I never saw them in concert so was beyond psyched when Relight My Fire got belted out!



Eeesh this rainy weather is making me reminiscent of a couple of weeks ago when me and my bezzie party pal Jodie Harsh jetted off to Ibiza for a long weekend!
Camping it up in the airport withy holiday of all holiday rucksacks. I think I look a bit creepy in this pic sorry.
Jacket Jeremy Scott for Adidas.

The flight was quite a treat as I sat next to Joey Essex and Tynchy Stryder (?) was a few seats ahead apparently and then of course us, so all in all it was quite the rock n roll flight (?!?!!!?)

We arrived in "Beefa" proper early in the day so after checking into the Ocean Drive Hotel that Space had kindly put us up in, 
weheaded straight for the beach. Unfortunately through a nudist patch.
After a day of sunning, that evening Jodie DJed at SPACE for Cafe Ole! But before the decks were hit we were part of the parade through The Old Town!

Check out the set on her! And these pansies below were my security!
My pink sequin leotard is by Alice Vandy.

Can't beat a 'lift look'

The next day it was chillax time, Getcha beach balls ready!!!!

We popped to Blue Marlin then headed to Club Tropicana, where I had a juicy massage then this juicy fruit salad.

After such a busy day I worked up a right appetite so headed to Bam Buddha Grove restaurant for dinner.

Literally the best sushi I've ever had in my life, also loving my tasty St Tropez tan which is developing nicely!

The next day it was time to chill by the pool at the Ibiza Gran Hotel....

This is my Karl Lagerfeld vs. KFC T shirt.
Bowl of chips blates.

That night we headed to the owner of Manumission, Claires,  birthday party at Club Aura.
We had a lush steak dinner, and then a naked lady rode through the restaurant on a white horse, it was all pretty fabulous. It was nice to see Sienna Miller and Natalia Vodianova busting some grooves whilst Jodie Dj-ed.

My outfit was by Alice Vandy.

My last day in Ibiza so we chilled at Club Sands on Playa de Bossa with the lush Melanie Blatt, danced on the beach for a bit then whisked ourselves to the airport.

Peaced out.

ooo-bya Beefa!!!


Grace Woodward

We shot the lovely Grace Woodward for the next issue of Notion magazine.

She's is wearing exclusively couture pieces collected by William Vintage owned by William Banks-Blaney.

There he is tweaking a pom.

Ooooh cheeky.

And what better way to toast the shoot than with a diet coke break.


In one day I got 3 presents

ooooo fancy!

A trip to a Thai with me mate designer Hasan Hejazi

And then a gay boy date to the cinema.
This is Hasan and I in Transformers rocking the Adidas. TRANS(!)formers hehe.


Every 6 months I take a trip to Berlin for the largest trade fair in Europe,called Bread and Butter.

An early start so that means breakfast in the airport.please note that yes i am chilling sat on the floor T5 style.

One of the awesom things about BBB is that there's a tonne-arama load of parties. I headed to see The Vaccines at the Levis partaaaay.

The next night we headed to the Weekend club for another party by another brand which I can't remember,but it was like being in Ibiza I was told!
And now that I'm playing catch up writing my blogs and I'm actually sat on my balcony in Ibiza I can say that yes,it kinda was.

Yaya exotic.

I found myself involved in a photo shoot for a new energy drink, it was really hard work,I had to,like,sit around talking to b ball players,eeeesh.


Me and the talented and hot guys from Headmasters did a Kate Moss London inspired shoot.

My look for the day. BOY London and Buffalos.Standard.

The garms.

The model.

The hot boys...sorry I mean Hair Stylists.
Jonathan Soons, Aaron Carlo and some other geezer.

My assistant Kathryn get roped in for a hair test.


Waiting in line x