Jodie Harsh's Birthday Party

Me old Pal Jodie Harsh had a suitably fabulous birthday partaaay so I whipped on a work out leotard and hit the dance floor! This is my very talented friend musician & muse Viktoria Modesta.


Roisin Murphy and pal
That fit one off  the tele..... 

Sadie Frost & chum...
And the Belle of the Ball herself...Miss Jodie Harsh!

Above we have Katie Knox...Knox thats right! Its my sister! and Mr Random Bangle
The very gorgeous Hasan Hejazi whos been dressing Kylie recently - we love him, lovely boy.
And his good friend Marina (who left her Diamonds at home ;) )
and last but not least Mel and Jaime Winstone

Horace London Fashion Week Backstage

This London Fashion Week I had the honor of styling the Horace fashion show, my first on schedule show plus Im a massive Horace fan owning quite a few of their pieces so was really looking forward to it and working with the guys. Here are some pretty crappy phone pictures from back stage but i hope you enjoy!

So lucky I found these pretty hot shots, unfortunately i dont know who to credit for them but enjoy!
The models...
The legends that are Horace....Phil,Emma and Adam.

I think i interrupted a moment here ;)

Nike destroyer jackets

Last year I was very honored to be given a Nike Destroyer Jacket as a gift from Nike. It is the London Edition and its amazing! To celebrate the Nike Destroyers amazingness Nike held a rad party 'Nike Destroy To Create' at their 1948 concept store in Shoreditch. Me loving my Jacket post trip to Maccy Ds....
The event was amazing with a gig from The Gallow whilst a live girl on girl boxing match happened!RRRaaaarrr!

Fly53 campaign

So I headed off to the countryside for three days to style the ss11 Fly53 campaign and lookbook....

 Keeping the trouble makers in order.....
One of the highlights of the trip was staying in the 'Ye Olde Talbot' hotel....
When I read the name of the Hotel on the call sheet,I proceeded to tell a little white lie to my assistant Jay about the fact the hotel was haunted... yeah.....turns out...IT WAS! Tv on and off, hand prints on windows , the lot! No pottery wheel though unfortunately....


House of Liza

On a bus ride through Shoreditch, gazing out the window, Simply Red on the Ipod, my day dream is stopped in its tracks by only what I can describe as a mirage in the desert of Dalston , a new boutique on the Kingsland road - HOUSE OF LIZA.

Colour bursting out of the windows, I knuckled the bell (me nails gt in the way) and hopped of the bus into a heaven of handpicked early pret-a-porter from designers such as Thierry Mugler, JCDC, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many more amazongnesssssss.

20 minutes later i emerge with two new purchases a HOT Junior Gaultier what i only can call Rave Dress and matching black Gaultier pumps ....MAJOR!

So naturally I had to share my love with this interview and feature in the latest edition of Notion fashion supplement 'The Hipster Handbook'. Please check out some of the pics from the shoot .....

House of Liza
193 , Kingsland Road,
London, E2 8AN

Lykke Lii

So for Notion issue 49 I had the joy of joys of styling Lykke Li for the cover.... Here are some of the pics from the shoot!