Westcord Fashion Hotel dinner!

After a long day roaming the streets of Amsterdam Alis and I have more than earned ourselves a hearty meal so we head down to our hotels dinning room to see what the chefs have to offer two hungry girls...

(Alis looking stunning dressed for dinner in my Junior Gaultier dress) she better tuck in her napkin....

I look very 'proper' in this picture.

Check out the table behind Alis , HASHTAG WINE O'CLOCK!

To start a mushroom truffle soup


The Westcord Fashion Hotel is so hip even the water is 'cool' !



And last but not least PUDDING!
All full and fat ready for the next day of our Amsterdam City Break!

Milajki Style Factory

COMING TOMORROW : 1st February!!!!
From the creative minds at Milajki , Nelly.com Northern Europes leading online retailer bring to you...drum roll please... Milajki Style Factory featuring yours truly!
I will take you on a whirl wind of fashion madness music and major mayhem as stylist take each other on in the style stakes!


Shopping in Amsterdam!

It wouldn't be a trip if i didn't manage to whip in some shopping! And of course i stumble across a CyberDog stockist, like one of my favourite brands, Cyberdog is more than just glow sticks! My fluffy pink gilet is actually from Cyber dog!

Amsterdam isn't just smoking,sex and rave shops theres also billions of independent fashion design shops as well as millions a gorgeous little vintage shops full of gorgeous little fabulous things, such as this 
 Escada jacket for only 45 Euros.... i know bargain!

The shops are scattered all over the side streets connecting gazzilions of beautiful canals.

Theres also lots of shops filled with antiques, bric-a-brac and random mental gorgeous fabulous little things

Clogs...coming to you AW19 (Trust me I'm a stylist ;P)

See I'm well ahead of the trends me...

I picked up some presses for my loved ones!

And some souvenirs for myself!

Making friends in Amsterdam!

More hot footwear!

All shopped out in Amsterdam its back to our super fabulous home the Westcord Fashion Hotel!


After a dip in my tub and a spot of meditation at our home for the next few days ; The Westcord Fashion Hotel , Alis and I decided to get the cheekiness out of the way and check out 
Amsterdam's Red Light District!

We hopped on the tram which was right outside the Westcord Fashion hotel & headed into town!


Now I know where Gagas been shopping...


The museum also had lots of great artwork and vintage photography with
 brilliant fashion from decades gone by...

After working up and appetite Alis and I went for coffee and cake!

I went for warm apple pie and cream....tasty!

Then back out to the streets of Amsterdam!

Wise words.


Off i trot to Gatwick with my super hot Lulu Guinness suitcase from the super nice guys at Case Luggage
IM IN LOVE WITH IT! i actually want those Lips but on my face.... where my mouth is .... instead of my lips.... not as in plastered all over my face.... any way.... time for its close up!

Me and my partner in grime Alis Pelleschi have been invited by fun time makers easyJet holidays for a girlie short break to check out Amsterdam!

Time for security and you can imagine how much gip these bad boy trainers give me going through security!

That was 'easy' (get it?!) all onboard and off we whip to Amsterdam! Before i know it we land in a quicker time than it took me to get to Victoria train station for the Gatwick Express!

Picked up at the airport and wished off to a suitably entitled Westcord Fashion Hotel!

Im very pleased to see that as always I am co-ordinated once I arrive into my bedroom....

My boudoir!

Some nibbles for my arrival! Can you gets what I ate first? well it wasn't the fruit and it wasn't the nuts....

So onto my main course and after all that travelling it had to be room service! PIZZA OH YEAH!!!!

And now off to sleep to see what Amsterdam will bring me tomorrow!!!!xXx