Beefeater Gin Party - Athens

OH MY I GOT FLOWN TO ATHENS BY BEEFEATER GIN! No I don’t mean hallucinations after one to many a beverage…I mean myself and party asiamese twin sister Miss Jodie Harsh were flown out to Athens to DJ and host the British Beefeater Gin party!. The night was fantastic with big screen rotating various London insider knowledge facts, and of course….
And the wonderful Tolis xxx

Fish & chips Twice Please Exhibition - Vienna

So I have been on some travels and some adventures and some party times,and as I sit now in the Le Meridien Hotel in Vienna,Autria (2nd time here already?!) recovering from my flight along with my complementary ‘refreshment centre’ (that’s a mini bar to you and me YES PLEEEEASSE GET IN!) I thought it only appropriate to fill you in on whats been going down and whats been coming up! I will be clever and publish it in order so as you scroll down it was like I actually blogged while it was happening…if that makes sense?!
I love this chip bag rucksack by Ranom Bangle!
Ravers unite!!!! ... or not