Off to NYC to style Bruno Mars!

WAHOO the new issue of Notion Mag is out with the cover I styled of Bruno Mars!

I packed my Lulu Guinness suitcases.... Not so strategically...

Grabbed myself a cuppa Chai tea latte.... In my new Jeremy Scott trousers....

And off I flew to NYC to style Bruno!

Being a good girl I got an early night before the big day!

In the cab to the shoot with my amazing assistants!

The hotel we shot Bruno in was pretty pimped.... so once Bruno was all shot and done the next job was SHOPPING!!!

There was only one place I wanted to go... Patricia Fields!
With my bag of swag we hailed a cab for some lunch sweetie dahling...


Then Erica ( amazing assistant number 1!) took me to a My Little Pony exhibition!


Next stop Times Square! NEW YORK NEW YORK!

And then it was home time!

For the shoot with Bruno check out the new issue of Notion here.....

Styling Little Mix for Notion Mag!

I had the best day ever styling the amazing Little Mix for the latest issue of Notion, of which I'm
The Fashion Director! They are the coolest nicest girls who totally rocked their outfits that we worked out together! Here's some pics of the process :)

I worked with young London based Designer Nikita Karizma on the costumes which we designed together at her studio :D

We thought about each girl and their signature style to guess what we thought they would like <3 For example we designed this collar for Jade as we know she loves collars and bows, and Nikita made it amazingly!

I love these leather shoulder details Nikita designed!

Nikita also made these awesome super hero esq harnesses for the girls to complete a perfect Kick Ass Super Girl feel!

Nikita and I brain stormed a different themed set for each girl! Here's Perrie in hers with her Alice Vandy body suit :)

Here's a pink sparkly one we had spare!

We had lots of lovely jewellry including some amaze Gogo Philip earrings!

And these custom made LM necklaces from Tatty Devine!

Check out the full shoot and a great interview with the girls in the latest issue of Notion Mag, available in WH Smiths, great news agents and online here :


Doggy Window shopping

Hello! Today I'm rocking my Roberto Piqueras Barbie Vs Ken outfit for the first time!!!

Ive decided i deffo want a doggy! But not yet! In like a year or so! It's got to be small with attitude!

He is the best I've found so far! So now time for some dinner and treats!

Sushi delivery and pudding!


Styling the Ada Zanditon ss13 Video

HERE IT IS! The amazing Tigress Reign film I styled for Ada Zanditon, directed by Thomas Knights!

We shot this in sunny Cyprus thanks to Easy Jet Holidays! Hope you enjoy! xxx