Firetrap behind the scenes

It was time again to shoot the next campaign for Firetrap! This time we jetted off to Wales to use this mental location-a coal dust pit!

It was stunning and looked like we were on the moon! Due to the tropical winds we took shelter allot in our trailer....I kept imagining it was the Spice Bus...

Our lovely models included the beautiful Jade aka Sunday Girl.....


Post sand storm, I'm kinda a charcoal grey.... Literally. 
Ps i totally shrunk this jumper by washing it on too higher temperature when I returned home. I now own a new wooly crop top.

Jade getting some slap on

Yaya Jade made up ready to go and the invisible man....


Derrick Santini ,photographer extraodinaire.

Yeah at Firetrap we walk on water.

And after a hard days work the only answer is 3 puddings.

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