Every 6 months I take a trip to Berlin for the largest trade fair in Europe,called Bread and Butter.

An early start so that means breakfast in the airport.please note that yes i am chilling sat on the floor T5 style.

One of the awesom things about BBB is that there's a tonne-arama load of parties. I headed to see The Vaccines at the Levis partaaaay.

The next night we headed to the Weekend club for another party by another brand which I can't remember,but it was like being in Ibiza I was told!
And now that I'm playing catch up writing my blogs and I'm actually sat on my balcony in Ibiza I can say that yes,it kinda was.

Yaya exotic.

I found myself involved in a photo shoot for a new energy drink, it was really hard work,I had to,like,sit around talking to b ball players,eeeesh.

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