Counting down to Milan Fashion Week

Im getting excited! Its that time again when I get to see the lovely designer Sergei Grinko, his show producer Angela Marcato , Filippo Cocchetti,  and the rest of Sergei's lovely team!
Ive had a cheeky peak of the collection so far and its epic! I've loved the last two seasons styling Sergei's Milan Fashion Week Show so cant wait to head over before fashion week to put together the collection, ready to fly back to do the show!
 Angela is an epic producer, but also an amazing stylist. Based in Milan shes worked for every one you can imagine! Here's some treats from her website!
 I actually want that hair!
 Looks like me at the weekend :)
Roll on Milan!


  1. AHH love it looks great ! x

  2. Thank you dear. You're so sweety !!! Tomorrow We will spend a nice evening