Fun Weekend!

My pal Mika who is a fabulous Illamasqua Makeup artist had a house party
 to celebrate his sweet as new pad!
Make up artist Adam getting to know the house mates.....
The next day Gabriel and I took a stroll round Islington to see what vintage treats the market had to offer
The Art Fair was on as well! i want to write something really witty for this photo....
"catching some Rays(bans)"?
ok i tried....
Spotted this tee in Oxfam LOL
OOOO matchy matchy... And Gabriels t shirt was also well coordinated to our lunch at The Diner....

1 comment:

  1. I love that NYC tee, though Ive been so I cant wear it XD

    Much love for the Crap tee by Vivienne though :D