Did i tell you that i like shopping?!

And my favourite is markets! whether its flea markets or your local market... i love it!
Amsterdam had tonnes to offer thanks to Easyjet holidays for putting us in the middle of the hot shopping action...

Alis and I found one market stall which only had children's fancy dress...amazing! Alis found these rather snappy trousers!

And some delightful dresses!

Alis found some beautiful princess dresses and i found something a bit more up my street...

whoop whoop space tribe!!!!

Want me one of these!

AND LOOK its Alis' long lost twin sister...

After all that rummaging i worked up a corker of an appetite....



Of course i hunted down a diner!

Once I've woofed the quarter punter down it was out to check out
 some vintage fashions Amsterdam style!


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