Show 6!

Show 6 was a busy one, lots in it!
We started by picking our wild card ,Charlene, who chose me to take her shopping! 

We had to be snappy with only 24 hours to make the 3 outfits!
With some tough decisions to be made...

Me and the major Aly Paly who writes an awesom blog...

check it. 

Thanks to Kokon to Zai for the smashin' outfit!

"Babes Aly Paly is looking a little de-flated today....

With all Charlenes shopping done it was time for the contestants to battle it out...

It was VERY exciting

But i had to be serious and tell them the 'no brief' brief

And they all smashed it! so onto the live final to see who the judges and then the general public will choose to win the amazing prize!

I rocked a 'vintage' (!) Henry Holland t shirt seeing as the man himself was on the show PLUS its the Deacon one... two birds one stone...oh yes

My dressing room with some beautiful flowers from Rachel the amazingly talented executive producer.

And my Live final of Style the Nation outfit! Geri would be proud...

Skirt by the lovely Hasan Hejazi
And the moment Sara was crowned the winner!

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