Well slap me on the wrists and call me a hippo....Ive been THE laziest blogger, but in my defence it has been WAYYY busy times! So im going to bash out some blog entries so you know what been up an whats been going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive been having the most entertaining time working on a series which begins this valentines on
SKY ONE which follows the ins and outs (and shake it all abouts) of the guys at
Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden London.
Madonna, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue and Girls Aloud have all strutted their stuff there, as have the cast of Chicago, Dirty Dancing and The Lion King.
BUT I worked with the one and only legend that is ....
Dancer and teacher at Pineapple Dance Studios and ready made pop star.
Sky one followed the life of Andrew and his band 'STARMAN' on there rise to fame!

If you love corkers Andrew is your man.
In his words as documented here in a clip from the SKY ONE website :
"Im the best singer,the best dancer,ive got the sexuality...
dont be dissillusioned
& know you can make a lot of money outta that...
ok i think i am one of the best men in bed...
yes i am brilliant in bed."
You heard it here first ladies and gents
but from the horses mouth:
The legends that are the self styled Pulse girls
Andrew 'working' the camera
That'll be the sex appeal
Keepin it cool
nope scrap that , too cool...

Live and ready to woo ya nan

The ladies loving it....
So watch this space so to speak, Sky One starting this Sunday the 14th Febuary, ill watch it on repeat as ill be too busy opening all those red enveloped cards....xXx

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  1. Hi Alexix,
    Great blog! If you would like to see some of the Starman shots taken on the day of filming, check out You are in the group shot at the end.